Welcome! My name is Adam Beck and I’m the owner of Bearded Dragon Art. I’m also the publisher of the popular coloring books Bearded Dragon Daydreams and Bearded Dragon Fairy Tales as well as the creator of the Instagram pages @bearded_dragon_daydreams and @beardeddragonart.

It’s true, though, that none of these things would even exist without Fifa, our little bearded dragon who was the inspiration for them all.

It’s also true that they wouldn’t exist without our small team, which includes Donnie, the gifted artist behind the illustrations for Bearded Dragon Art and our books, and the members of my family, who offer helpful feedback on my work with Donnie. My 14-year-old son was also co-creator of both coloring books.

So this is all a grassroots effort, of family and friends, and we’re happy to have you join us in our adventures! We’d be so grateful for your support!

Our products

Currently, we work with three excellent print providers in the United States, who make our products to order and provide secure shipping to addresses worldwide.

Decor items include Mini Posters for beardies and fine art posters for humans, both beautifully printed on thick paper with a matte finish. For your fine art poster, simply get a suitable frame and you’ll have a wonderful piece of wall art for your home!

Fashion items include attractive apparel, like our classic cotton T-shirts that can be worn by both men and women. Heads will turn when you’re dressed in one of these unique garments!

And Lifestyle items include plush blankets (loved and recommended by Fifa herself!), eye-catching coffee mugs and latte mugs, and handy hardcover journals that can be used to record the day-to-day lives of your special lizards.

Beyond beardies

Along with my more recent passion for bearded dragons, I’ve had a longtime passion for bilingual children, as both an educator and a parent. I’m the author of the widely-read books Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability and Bilingual Success Stories Around the World, as well as the founder of the blog Bilingual Monkeys and the forum The Bilingual Zoo.


Feel free to reach out to us by using this contact form. You can also email us directly at: adam[at]beardeddragonart.com


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