Bearded Dragon Cut-Outs: Orange Version + Tan Version (Digital Download)


Instant download! The one and only Bearded Dragon Cut-Outs, exclusively from Bearded Dragon Art!

Like to play with your beardie? Like to take pictures of your beardie? Like to laugh and have fun? Bearded Dragon Cut-Outs are perfect for you!

When you open the PDF file, you'll find...

  • 20 full-color cut-out pages to show off your beardie in a variety of exciting scenes (the same 10 pages in both orange and tan versions)
  • 10 black-and-white pages of the same illustrations if you'd like to color them in your own way
  • complete instructions to make the most of your new Bearded Dragon Cut-Outs

(Please note: This file combines the orange version and tan version, which means the illustrated beardie has orange skin in one set of 10 cut-out pages, and tan skin in the other set of the same 10 pages. If you have more than one beardie, of different colors, this combined option may be best.)

Then simply print out the pages you'd like to use and start having fun with your beardie! Take pictures and share your best shots with your friends and followers! And be sure to tag us at Instagram--we'd love to see your cute photos! @beardeddragonart

If you experience any difficulty downloading or using the file, just reach out for support: