Chef Lenny Mini Posters: Classic Art (4 small posters)

$15.00 USD

Mini Posters are perfect for decorating your bearded dragon's home! They come in sets of 4 and each Mini Poster measures approximately 8 x 10 centimeters. (The size will vary slightly based on the original dimensions of the art.) Just cut them out and tape them up! Your lizard will love them!

This set consists of 4 Classic Art images from The Chef Lenny Collection, and each one includes the "frame" shown in the photos. These "frames" are actually illustrations, printed along with the paintings on thick fine art paper, but they look very real!

*Monet Painting "Still Life" with Chef Lenny
*Van Gogh Painting "Starry Night" with Chef Lenny
*Wood Painting "American Gothic" with Chef Lenny
*Hokusai Print "The Great Wave" with Chef Lenny

Your beautiful Mini Posters will be made to order, in 1~3 days, by our superior print partner in the U.S. then shipped securely to your home from their headquarters in Colorado or a convenient branch facility. Imagine your delight, and the delight of your bearded dragon, at the sight of these fun, colorful decorations from Bearded Dragon Art!