Fine Art Poster: Sekka Print "Old Man from Momoyagusa" with Bearded Dragon (2 sizes)

$16.00 USD

"Old Man from Momoyagusa" is a wonderful woodblock print by Kamisaka Sekka that now features an adorable bearded dragon. This print is part of the Japanese artist's series of woodblock prints that make up his masterpiece "Momoyagusa" ("A World of Things," created in 1909-1910) and he would surely have included a bearded dragon in his work if he had had one of his own.

This beautiful poster is printed on fine art paper, with a matte finish, and is ready for framing to show off your love of art and bearded dragons. Available in two sizes--18x12" and 30x20"--this premium quality poster would make a splendid choice for yourself or a special gift for a friend.

Your unique new poster will be made to order, in 1~3 days, by our superior print partner in the U.S. then shipped securely to your home from their headquarters in Colorado or a convenient branch facility. Imagine your delight, and the delight of family and friends, at the sight of this eye-catching wall art from Bearded Dragon Art.

PLEASE NOTE: The poster does not come with the clips shown in the product images. It will arrive safely rolled and ready for your favorite frame.