Meep Jigsaw Puzzle: Witch Meep in Van Gogh Painting "The Starry Night" (3 sizes)

$20.00 USD

One of the most acclaimed paintings in Western art, "The Starry Night" was created by Vincent Van Gogh in June 1889. A visionary work of extraordinary passion and expression, it now also features the bearded dragon Meep, in witchly attire, soaring into the canvas on a broomstick. The addition of Meep, in this magical image for The Meep Collection, pays homage to the world of spirit that the great Dutch painter evoked in his art.

This colorful jigsaw puzzle is fun for kids and adults alike. (Recommended for ages 9+.) Made of high-quality chipboard pieces, the puzzle comes in a gift-ready box that features the image on the front. Available in three sizes—10x8" (120 pieces), 14x11" (252 pieces), and 20x16" (500 pieces)—it would make a splendid choice for yourself or a special gift for a friend.

Your unique new puzzle will be made to order, in 1~3 days, by our superior print partner in the U.S. then shipped securely from their facility in Georgia to your home. Imagine your delight, and the delight of family and friends, when you sit down to assemble this captivating puzzle from Bearded Dragon Art.