Wall Clock: Yin-Yang Symbol with 2 Bearded Dragons

$32.00 USD

With its roots in ancient Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang symbol conveys the duality of the universe, how all things exist as seemingly opposite forces that are complementary and interdependent. While the original symbol is composed only of simple shapes, the Taoist master who devised it would surely have included two bearded dragons to express this idea more dynamically, and adorably, if these enchanting creatures had roamed China at that time.

This striking wall clock will turn heads in any room of your home. Constructed of a wooden frame and plexiglass face, with a built-in backside hook, it runs silently on one AA battery (not included). 

Your unique new clock will be made to order, in 1~3 days, by our superior print partner in the U.S. then shipped securely from their facility in Georgia to your home. Imagine your delight, and the delight of your bearded dragon, at the arrival of this beautiful, useful product from Bearded Dragon Art.